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1. Search Engine

Utilize the social search engine to find leads across Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn based on keywords, hashtags and followers of specific accounts. Add these leads to lists in Social Cycle straight from the Search Engine. But finding prospects is just the beginning.

2. Cycle Templates

Choose from one of our 40+ templated cycles or craft your own custom cycle of engagement. Once a cycle has been applied to a list, each step of the cycle (Day 1: Like three photos; Day 2: Comment on two photos; Day 3: Send a Direct Message). These engagement tasks will automatically populate your "workflow dashboard".


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3. Workflow Dashboard

Each Social Media engagement task that was set up in cycles will populate as "workflow cards" on your Workflow Dashboard. Complete your outbound engagements by clicking each workflow card which takes you to the leads you added on your lists to performing the specified action. 

Less Time; More Selling.

Stop waiting for leads to find you on Social Media. Organize your entire Social Media sales strategy into one tool. Complete 100+ outbound sales engagements in under 10 minutes with Social Cycle.

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