Create Content that Attracts Engagement

Create Content that Attracts Engagement

A simple & illustrated guide for 2020


Coming up with a social media content strategy is difficult, especially when your social media presence and content strategy is fragmented across channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and your website. 


It is no secret that social media managers and solo-preneurs alike struggle with creating an efficient and effective system for generating cohesive content across their existing social media channels. 


Oftentimes social media managers make the mistake of approaching their content on a channel by channel basis making custom content for each social avenue. 


Using our simple and illustrated four step process will help you to create more meaningful content in an organized fashion.


Step 1: Topic Research & Blog Writing


It is important that your blog is written around a topic that has existing interest and web traffic. The quickest way to identify quality keyword phrases that are relevant to you is to utilize the following tools and conduct some brief research. 


Keywords Everywhere (formerly known as All Keywords) is a chrome extension that will inform you on existing search volume for keywords that you search. Additionally All Keywords will produce similar keywords to your query helping you to understand existing monthly search volume as well as average CPC (cost per click) for Pay-Per-Click advertising. 

Quora is another great tool to help you do some recon on existing interest around possible blog topics for your content strategy. Quora is a database of questions being asked on the internet. 


Seeing what people are asking online as it relates to your industry or niche can be extremely valuable when creating blog and social media content around your topic. 

Once you have identified your topic based on existing interest and traffic it is time to come up with a creative name for your piece. The team at BuzzFeed are masters of naming conventions. 


The key is to present your topic to the reader with an eye-grabbing headline. Whether you are writing leisure content or business professional content we can all learn from the genius BuzzFeed displays when naming their articles. 


Now that you have set the stage for your content keep these things in mind when creating your blog content:

  • Write 600-1200 word blog post
  • Utilize keyword phrase(s) early and often
  • Include links to websites used as sources 
  • Include links to your own content when possible
  • Include pictures and bulleted lists to break up content

  • Step 2: Use Blog to create Video/Audio Content


    Once you have finalized your blog it is time to get in front of the camera/ microphone. As a social media manager or solo-preneur sometimes it can be hard to put yourself in the spotlight, however, video is a pillar to building your brand and phenomenal content to show your authenticity, goofiness, professionalism or anything in between. 


    It is reported that 86% of online marketers utilize video and 7 out of 10 marketers are optimizing their videos for SEO. Don’t forget that you just wrote your SEO optimized video script in the last step! (blog post= video script)

    Because Google has the ability to transcribe Youtube videos and rank videos off of their transcripts, I recommend to start by making a YouTube video discussing your blog post and embed that video into your blog for your website and LinkedIn. 


    This will not only bolster your SEO on your blog, but also humanize your content and provide visitors with the ability to have a more meaningful interaction with your brand by watching a video. 


    Additionally your blog topic might provide you with the perfect opportunity to create a podcast or interview a thought leader as it relates to your blog topic. 


    Keep in mind that you have the ability to monetize this content through Youtube watch time, Podcast sponsors and platforms such as Patreon. 

    Step 3: Teaser Videos


    This may be the easiest step of them all. Once you have created a podcast or Youtube video around your blog topic it is time to make some teaser video content for that video. 


    Start by selecting a couple of 15-30 second increments of your video or audio to showcase the content. Whether it is an audio file with a picture or a snippet of your YouTube video these teasers can help to raise interest around your topic and call your audience to action. 


    If possible your teasers should have the following elements: 

    • Watermarked logo
    • Subtitles
    • Subject matter context
    • Video Frame


    If editing your video on your phone I recommend the app Inshot. This allows for very simplified video/audio editing, watermarking and exporting. 


    If you are editing on desktop I recommend using imovie or Kapwing as these are more simplified tools with all the basic functionalities you will need to put together a professional looking teaser for your video/blog. 

    Step 4: Graphics & Thumbnails


    Now that you have gotten the hard work out of the way it is time to get creative with your promotional graphics. I recommend using the tool Canva to help you to create high quality text overlays and creative graphics for social media. 


    Here are a few ideas for graphics that you can make: 

  • Include a picture of yourself and overlay a quote from the blog
  • Use an eye grabbing stock image and overlay the name of the blog post
  • Create an individual graphic for each of the steps in the process discussed in the blog
  • Create a graphic utilizing the list of bullet points from the article
  • Create a graphic highlighting the guest on the podcast
  • Create a graphic around a statistic cited in the blog

  • In summary...


    As you can see your social media content strategy can be more cohesive and simplified when you have a roadmap to follow and hold yourself accountable to. All the tools referenced in this piece are 100% free so whether you have a budget as a social media manager or not these recommendations can be implemented. 


    Off of one blog written you can produce the inspiration for all of the following pieces of content: 

    • LinkedIn blog post
    • Website blog post
    • Youtube video
    • Podcast
    • 3 teaser videos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
    • 3-5 graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn


    This amount of content can last you for at least 30 days on your social media platforms and can be a huge driver of inbound traffic to your website, YouTube channel and social platforms. 


    Thanks for reading and enjoy your social media content strategy conquest. We cannot wait to see what you come up with! 

    For more information about our services check us out at If you have a request for content or you would like a software demo we are happy to help just email us at As always we hope you enjoyed your stay at The Elite Suite and have an awesome rest of your day!

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