Social Cycle: Who we are

Social Cycle: Who we are

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering something along the lines of, “What is Social Cycle?” The vanilla version is as follows: 

Social Cycle is a software platform that enables non-technical professionals to rapidly build lead lists, create custom sales cadences and execute a workflow of outbound sales touchpoints for each of their social media profiles from one dashboard. 

To boil that down to its most simple form, we exist to help create personalized social media outreach at scale. This could result in new connections or new sales. 

It is no secret that social media has become a staple of our society. With over 3.5 billion people with social media accounts worldwide, social media has become the modern day yellow pages. 

You have the ability to connect with anyone. It uncovers a new world to people who have the same interests but don’t live in the same geographical area as you.

In 2017, Elite Marketing Studios was born. We were a boutique social media marketing agency. Our mission was to help our clients to grow their following/engagement level & generate leads through strategic engagement on Instagram. 

We found this problem of how to create a systematic and repeatable system to create relationships over social media. We created Social Cycle to help us with our own problems.

In 2 years, Elite Marketing Studios generated 1.5+ million followers and hundreds of thousands of dollars for ourselves attracting over 300 clients.

In July 2019 everything changed. 

Instagram made more algorithm updates in a 1 week period than they had made in the last 2 years. It would change the face of social media permanently. 

Instagram created parameters that set a ceiling on the amount of outward engagement a user could make each day. It also stopped companies like ours from automating interactions. Since then, Linkedin & Twitter (not to mention Facebook) have followed suit.

As quickly as bots on social media had been adopted, they were un-adopted. We quickly realized that our law of averages approach was not sustainable and could only take us so far. Bot interactions seldom led to real results and only pumped up vanity metrics. 

We quickly adjusted our strategy to add parameters to how we qualified leads specifically based on their actions, and we began to devise an outbound engagement strategy parallel to an enterprise sales strategy. The only difference… the entirety of the strategy lived on social media.

Companies such as and Salesloft had paved a new category of sales enablement to be taken seriously. We applied this to social media. Personalization can’t be fully automated, but you can create a workflow to mimic what works.

The white space we found was in the social media sector. Traditional selling has always been focused on cold calls, email and direct mail. While this strategy is still viable when focusing on high ticket B2B selling, millions of business owners and salespeople use social media as their de facto medium for introducing their product or service to real customers. 

The beauty of this approach is that these entrepreneurs and salespeople are meeting their customers where they are engaged… apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Recently enterprise organizations have opened their eyes to “social selling” and 80% of enterprise organizations have adopted the platform LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a top of funnel approach. Sales Nav has also announced a partnership with Salesforce further validating the need for specific outbound sales enablement tools suited for social media specifically. 

Although LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great product, we saw the need to develop this strategic 1 to 1 sales engagement platform on other social platforms. Furthermore, we realized that many entrepreneurs and sales people rely on more than just LinkedIn to qualify leads. 

Our mission is to enable customers to create efficient outbound sales cycles using strategic engagement on social media to warm leads and create genuine relationships. 

You may be wondering… how is this different from Hootsuite or Buffer? While these platforms are great for social intelligence, they predominantly focus on content scheduling, audience insights (i.e. follower count, engagement rate, etc.) and inbox management (i.e. responding to comments, messages, etc). 

The problem for most freelancers, entrepreneurs and sales people is that their prospects don’t know they exist. Their prospects don’t follow them. Their prospects aren’t interacting with their posts or sending them messages. 

Without a large audience or sizable marketing budget, posting content on a platform such as Instagram will keep your post in the shadows. This is equivalent to showing up on the 100th page on Google search results. 

Before now, the only way to build awareness is to spend money on advertising, influencers, or to hit the jackpot with a viral post.

We believe that there is an alternative to spending thousands each month. 

Social media is a place where you can build relationships remotely. It is a place where you have access to 3.5 billion prospects. With the right tools and the right strategy, it is a place where you can successfully generate leads without advertising.

Stop scrolling. Start selling. 

Social Cycle. 

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