what is social cycle?

social cycle helps sales teams drive consistent sales engagement on social media to improve their efficiency, predictability, and revenue growth.

lead search engine

identify keywords your leads engage with and use on Linkedin and easily add them into your sales cycle.

simplified sales cycles

choose from our proven sales cycle templates or create your own custom sales engagement workflows.

task workflow list

access your teams’ tasks and sales cycle performance in one place to qualify and close leads more efficiently.

sales analytics dashboard

gain powerful insights on each stage of your entire sales cycle and easily identify opportunities.

efficient workflows, maximum productivity.

social cycle is a sales engagement solution built specifically for social media. with a robust lead search engine, simplified sales cycles, an organized task workflow list, and a powerful sales analytics dashboard, reps and sales leaders can gain consistency and optimize their sales cycles for faster qualification and more revenue.

get the playbook for social selling success

social cycle is more than just a tool – connect with your ideal audience and get valuable insights

Target your ideal leads

find leads who use and engage with specific keywords on Linkedin and Twitter.

upload a .csv

easily upload a .csv of your existing leads with field matching.

add leads to your cycles

add these leads to one of our template sales cycles or create your own.

drive productivity

choose from our templated sales sequences or build your own to ensure your sales teams' workflows are consistent.

understand sales performance

see lead volume within each stage of your sales cycle to identify opportunities and increase your conversions.

split test sequences

easily A/B test different sequences to compare and gain insight on which ones convert the best.

simple task management

reps can easily stay on top of their sales engagement workflows to ensure consistent lead flow through your sales cycle.

filterable tasks

reps can customize their workflow to show tasks from a specific campaign, a specific sequence within a campaign, and more.

team activity performance

our built-in admin dashboard shows your entire sales team's activity including completed tasks, conversion rates, and more.

sales rep performance

mitigate risk earlier, save time, and keep deals on track by optimizing the way reps track meeting notes and action items.

forecast with confidence

gain social selling insights so you inspect the health of every deal in your sales cycle so you can proactively forecast KPI's.

scale your sales engagement

onboard reps faster and scale best practices with real-world-tested playbooks and workflows mixed with real-time sales intelligence.