Digital Advertising Campaign - The Elite Suite

Digital Advertising Campaign


Need to run advertising, but no idea where to start? We specialize in hyper targeted organic marketing & advertising strategies. Here is what is included in our advertising package: 

  • Ads account setup, management, creative implementation, execution & data analytics/reporting as it relates to advertising on Facebook & Instagram platforms as well as Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • We will be monitoring your paid campaign in order to drive ROI & generate leads
  • We will focus on improving quality scores and lowering your cost of conversions through A/B testing specific creatives & audience types
  • We will improve cost-per-lead month over month
  • We will develop necessary landing pages to capture new leads and grow audience reach
  • We will define value sets & setup event tracking & conversion tracking
  • We focus on maintaining consistent competitive monthly impression share
  • This is a retainer based service. We keep $1,000 per month to manage and optimize your campaign and spend $500 on advertising itself. You have the option to spend more than $500 if you wish, this is just the minimum spending we require.