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Social Media Selling Tips That Are Proven to Generate More Sales

Social Media selling is evolving and so should your entire social media strategy.

Author: Chaz Van de Motter - Chief Executive Officer

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Your prospective customers can see through the automated correspondence, the transactional messaging and the generic content. If you want to successfully apply social selling tactics on social media in 2021 it takes more prospecting, it takes more personalization, and it takes more than one sales touchpoint.

Main highlights:

  1. Social Media Outreach
  2. Personalization is Key
  3. Social Relationship Management

Social Media Selling Tip #1: Social Media Outreach

Prospecting is another way of saying ‘finding potential customers.’ Traditionally the rule has been, the more people you can reach out to, the more people will become customers. This IS NOT the case. The law of averages no longer applies. If you reach out to an unqualified lead they will not care or respond. Period. 


Selecting your “Dream 100” clients is a good practice that can keep you lean and honest in terms of the specific people that you want to build rapport and dialogue with.


Social media is uniquely differentiated from email or cold calling as you have access to a direct line to over 4 billion people via URL link to a social profile. You do not need to know their cell phone number or know the exact email address that they will be checking regularly.


Oftentimes prospects are more sensitive to notifications via social media than random numbers calling them or a cold email amidst 150 other unread newsletters, sales emails and spam. Use this to your advantage and be intentional with your prospecting. 

social media selling

oftentimes prospects are more sensitive to notifications via social media than random numbers calling them or a cold email amidst 150 other unread newsletters, sales emails and spam. use this to your advantage and be intentional with your prospecting.

Social Media Selling Tip #2: Personalization is Key

Personalization is the focus of this social media selling tip. Automated message sending has gone way out of style with the increased usage of social media. Spoiler alert… you have to engage manually. This might scare some people away from social selling; if you are that person head back over to your 17.8% open rate and 2.6% click through rate via email (according to xyz.) 


When engaging via comment, direct message, or story reply don’t forget to use the tools you have at your disposal. 


Step 1: Check out your prospects profile! Read their bio, check their recent posts and understand their values, their business and what they care about. 


Step 2: Find common ground or shared interests with your prospect and engage in a way that shows that you have no agenda for your engagement other than showing an interest in that person. 


Step 3: Stand out with the tools that are native to that platform. Instead of saying “Nice post!” as a comment, try focusing on personalization. For example, “This post is compelling. I am struggling with the same thing. How are you coming up with solutions to improve how you handle this struggle?” Additionally, instead of sending a simple text direct message, try sending an audio recording or a video message. 

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Social Media Selling Tip #3: Social Relationship Management

If you understand that manual engagement is the only way to truly personalize, you probably also know that it is time consuming and hard to track engagements and their effectiveness. 



We built Social Cycle to help you automate the monotonous social media selling tasks like tracking follow ups, but allow you to personalize your engagements and follow up in a methodical way that keeps you efficient and consistent. Regardless of if you use our product, a spreadsheet, airtable, or something else, don’t downplay the importance of creating a systematic and efficient approach to tracking your leads and the engagements that you have made with them. 



Social media selling is a noisy place. It takes more than a single touchpoint to stand out. Generally it takes more than 5 touchpoints to get a response out of your prospect. With that being said, those touch-points do not all have to be direct messages. Compared to email or cold calling, with social media selling you can condition prospects into recognizing you and learning more about you through micro engagements such as likes, comments, story replies, retweets, endorsements and more. 



A simple ‘like’ on a post on Instagram or a ‘profile visit’ on Linkedin constitutes a follow up because your prospect will receive a notification with your name, face and a link to your profile reminding them that you engaged on their page. These engagements live in our minds as a form of currency or validation. Over time, these engagements will trigger reciprocation from your prospects in the form of message responses and interest in you and your brand. 


As you continue to build ‘relationship equity’ with prospects through your follow ups you will not only earn the right to pitch your product or service but your prospect will feel obligated to be interested. 

social media selling


Social media selling has been defined by transactional engagement and automated correspondence until now. Social media users have fallen to the mercy of the algorithm to dictate who sees their content and what engagements they make on social media selling


Not any more. Our mission at Social Cycle is to help you take back control of your social media selling usage through intentional engagement geared towards helping you find and build relationships with those that are valuable to your life or your business. 


Remember, you are one engagement away from changing your life. 

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