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3 Best Social Selling Strategy Secrets to Boost Sales

The riches are in the niches; it’s time to let your ideal audience know that you value them using an organized social selling strategy.

Author: Chaz Van de Motter - Chief Executive Officer

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In 2020 and beyond we seem to have lost sight of what a solid social selling strategy was originally designed to do: To form a digital network of people for CONVERSATIONAL purposes not PROMOTIONAL purposes. 


While social outlets such as Instagram can be great distribution channels for your brand, it is becoming increasingly more important to genuinely interact with your network on social media. 


Your audience will recognize an automated or strictly promotional direct message or comment on a post or via direct message within seconds. Much like the era of rented Lamborghinis on Instagram was phased out, inauthentic engagement is next on the list of things to go. 


our winning social selling strategy


During our time serving hundreds of clients we sent over 500,000 direct messages. We have come to realize that edifying interactions that prove you are engaged and invested in what matters to your prospect will provide business opportunities on many levels as well as instantly deepen connections with your audience. 


Below is an illustrated guide of the good and the bad in regards to the difference between automated correspondence and authentic engagement on Instagram.

examples of bad social selling strategy

social selling strategy

social selling strategy mistake #1: unclear call to action 

bad social selling strategy

social selling strategy mistake #2: the instant sales pitch without building any rapport

A good social selling example is when the conversation flows naturally. The sales process turns into a conversation in which you are learning about each others businesses.

social selling strategy mistake # 3: ”thanks for the follow” direct messages:

social media strategy
social selling strategy
social selling strategy

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social cycle is more than just a tool – connect with your ideal audience and get valuable social selling insights.

examples of good social selling strategy

social selling strategy

social selling strategy tip #1: thoughtful and specific comments pertaining to the content 

social selling strategy

social selling strategy tip #2: edifying DM asking a question

good social selling strategy

social selling strategy tip #3: contextually relevant DM building rapport and mentioning a mutual friend or a specific piece of content


Mastering these engagements is not the only factor that goes into a quality social selling strategy. Once you have identified your prospects and the types of interactions you will be making with them it is crucial to be consistent in follow up. 


We call this the “Rule of 7.” This rule states that in order to be remembered by a prospect you must make 7 micro-engagements with them on Social Media. Keep in mind that these interactions are not meant to be transactional, but rather to build trust and rapport. 


We recommend to start your interactions with softer engagements such as a ‘follow’ or ‘connection invitation’ as well as a ‘like’ or ‘reaction’ on a post or two. Once you have gotten through a series of soft interactions you can start to be more aggressive in your approach through harder interactions such as ‘direct messages’, ‘story replies’ or ‘mentions’ in stories or in tweets. Even though these engagements can be more sales focused it is important to focus on conversational marketing over sales-y transactional outreach. 


Organizing these interactions can be difficult to manage especially if you are focusing on a large pool of prospects across multiple social media channels. This is why we have developed “Social Cycle.” 


Social Cycle is meant to help businesses and personal brands to more effectively prospect and keep track of follow up interactions with possible clientele on Social Media to turn platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into viable lead generation engines that funnel qualified leads directly into your sales funnel without a penny spent on advertising. 


The key to Social Media is that there are over 4 Billion total Social Media profiles worldwide; realtors, network marketers and social media managers alike have access to all of these consumers at their fingertips. We only seem to focus on gaining information on a prospect such as email addresses and phone numbers even though many prospects are more sensitive to their social media notifications that they are to a sales email or a call from a random phone number. 


It is time that we as entrepreneurs, personal brands, social media managers and salespeople start to leverage the value of access to consumers on social media to our advantage through strategic social media outbound interaction. 

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