Bob Woods

Best piece of social selling advice?

"Stop talking about how you help people and just help people."

Briefly describe your ideal customer.

Social Sales Link guides sales and business professionals to grow their businesses by leveraging LinkedIn to start more targeted conversations. We serve both sales teams in corporate environments and individuals who sell (entrepreneurs, those on small sales teams, etc.)

What is your favorite social selling tool?


What is your magic DM template?

[NAME] - Thanks for connecting with me here on LinkedIn. I am not sure if you are exploring additional ways to leverage LinkedIn for business development, but If you are open, I’d be happy to share some free resources that can help you start more sales conversations by adding value. Let me know - I’ll send a link. - Bob P.S.: May I ask how you found me?

Target your ideal leads

find leads who use and engage with specific keywords on Linkedin and Twitter.

upload a .csv

easily upload a .csv of your existing leads with field matching.

add leads to your cycles

add these leads to one of our template sales cycles or create your own.