Katy Prince

Best piece of social selling advice?

"Go into every conversation with a genuine curiosity. What’s going on in that person’s life? How is that affecting them? What else can you learn? How can you help?"

Briefly describe your ideal customer.

We work with freelancers, service-providers, consultants, coaches and community-builders - most of whom are in the first 2-5 years of running their business.

What is your favorite social selling tool?

WhatsApp for Business! We introduced the option for folks to WhatsApp us with questions, and it’s been a game changer. We’re able to have more high touch conversations and keep communication asynchronous (a must with time zones Etc)

What is your magic DM template?

Here’s the thing - there is no “one magic DM” that will always ‘work’. Remember you’re speaking with a real human person. Ask questions and listen.

Target your ideal leads

find leads who use and engage with specific keywords on Linkedin and Twitter.

upload a .csv

easily upload a .csv of your existing leads with field matching.

add leads to your cycles

add these leads to one of our template sales cycles or create your own.