Samantha McKenna

Best piece of social selling advice?

"It's all about Show Me You Know Me #smykm If you're going to connect with someone, drive with context, value, and connecting with them on a human level."

Briefly describe your ideal customer.

#samsales' ideal customer can range from a variety of buyers, but our clients are typically Sales Teams, Sales Leaders or Executives needing consulting assistance in the sales, social selling or executive branding space. Many of our customers are in the Saas, tech realm and we provide support in a variety of ways from sales coaching, consulting on sales team structure, tech stack, hiring and onboarding and providing guidance on how to utilize modern sales tools.

What is your favorite social selling tool?

LinkedIn + Sales Navigator

What is your magic DM template?

Whitney, Loved your comment on Jerome's post about sales messaging. Couldn't agree with you more. [Insert POV]. Saying hello here too so we can stay in touch!

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