Vincent Orleck

Best piece of social selling advice?

"Don’t pitch yourself, your product, or your services, but do spend your time interacting with your target audience in a real way answering questions, offering help, etc. Ten quality connections will be worth more to you than 10,000 that are unengaged."

Briefly describe your ideal customer.

Small business owners that are just starting out in building an online and social media presence that need guidance on how to optimize and launch on a solid, effective foundation.

What is your favorite social selling tool?

Not one specific tool, but rather a philosophy of providing help when asked or when it may be needed.

What is your magic DM template?

My magic template is no template. My approach is less about scale than it is quality and making genuine connections that may or may not result in a lead/sale.

Target your ideal leads

find leads who use and engage with specific keywords on Linkedin and Twitter.

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easily upload a .csv of your existing leads with field matching.

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