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Best Ways to Engage on Social Media

The 3 best ways to engage on social media. Turn connections into conversations on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter using strategic social media engagement strategies.

Author: Chaz Van de Motter - Chief Executive Officer

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Tides are turning when it comes to the sales industry. Traditionally the sales world was run by who had the biggest email list and who had the biggest team of cold callers. This model is becoming less and less effective as consumers are wanting to be engaged with differently. Mary Shea of Forrester comments, “You must meet your buyers where they live digitally.” 

For many people, where they live digitally is not reading transactional, cold marketing emails. In fact, in a study done by the UK company pure property finance, “…the average worker has an average of 651 unread emails in their inbox.” We would argue that “meeting buyers where they live digitally” would also exclude calling prospects who have not requested a phone call. On average only 2% of cold calls resulted in an appointment set with a prospect. Unless you are focusing on annual contract values of $10,000 or more and have multiple sales development representatives simultaneously dialing, cold calling may not be the most effective form of lead generation. 


With social networking user numbers growing 9%+ each of the last two years to 3.805 Billion users in 2020, we are seeing that more people are ‘digitally living’ to engage on social media. Knowing that there is attention on social media than ever before, how, as salespeople, can we tap into that attention? How as salespeople can we find ways to engage on social media?


In terms of “engagement” we mean truly spending time manually engaging with other people’s content on social media. If this scares you away, GOOD! This strategy is not for everyone. Some might be wondering… “What about posting content? I heard that if I just post 3 posts every 36 hours with 12 hashtags for 6.7 months that I will get 10,000 followers and a percentage of those followers will automatically buy my stuff!” 


While I am not suggesting to never post content, I am suggesting that posting content alone is an inefficient lead generation strategy. You need to engage on social media and It must be coupled with authenticity.


When posting content you are not guaranteed that anyone will see your post. With over 250 million+ stories and photos posted every day on Instagram alone, adding a specific hashtag will not spike your visibility. Because of the sheer volume of posts going up daily, you are not guaranteed to show up on your own followers’ feed with your content much less introduce yourself to new prospects via your content. By posting content as the only means of generating interest in your brand, you are putting your success to chance by relying solely on the algorithm to serve your posts to the right people at the right time. 

We hear the phrase “beat the algorithm” tossed around as if users truly have that ability. Spoiler alert: Billions of dollars have been poured into “the algorithm”; you will not beat it. You will be subjected to following the algorithm’s agenda for your profile. Below are the best ways to engage on social media. 

“you must meet your buyers where they live digitally.”

Engage on Social Media

Ways to engage on Social Media via Instagram

Instagram is a content driven platform, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the most compelling way to engage with your prospective audience is through posting more content. Leaving unsolicited validation of your prospect’s content can oftentimes leave a stronger and more memorable impression. 


If you know about the $1.80 strategy, then you know that personalizing comments is a great way to build rapport and engage on social media. Keep comments more than 4 words and make sure to prompt engagement back through a question or challenge statement as opposed to leaving a comment along the lines of, “Wow this looks amazing.”

Story Reply

Stories are becoming increasingly popular. Stories have started to become arguably more popular than the traditional instagram feed. Because many of Instagram’s users post stories significantly more frequently than feed posts, you have many more opportunities to engage via stories. Furthermore, when you reply to a story it shows up as a notification as well as a DM. 

video or voice message

I used to be a bit apprehensive about this one, but it is effective. Have you ever received a voice dm from someone? Probably not. As the great Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Amidst the barrage of text direct messages in someone’s inbox, shifting gears and sending a voice dm gives you a much better chance that your prospect will listen and reply with a voice dm of their own. Breaking the pattern and finding non traditional ways to engage on social media will lead to more responses. 

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Ways to engage on Social Media via Linkedin

Linkedin might be the place where transactional engagement with an obvious agenda happens most. Users with certain job titles such as VP or CEO must have nightmares about their direct message inbox being filled with business development reps pleading for the opportunity to set an appointment. 


Linkedin is also a place where, with the right software, you can automate your engagement so you don’t have to spend any time or do anything manually. Sounds great right? 




Automated engagement is obvious. Automated engagement stands out like a sore thumb. People are smart. Especially on Linkedin. Here are some ways you can compellingly engage on Linkedin.

profile visit

Settings – Privacy – Profile viewing options – your name and headlines.


An impactful profile visit happens when your prospect knows you were viewing their profile. Unapologetically view the profiles of your prospects. They will receive a notification and a direct link to your profile. This conditioning over time will build familiarity and open the door for a conversation compared to sending high heat in the dm’s right out of the gate.


Linkedin is more like twitter than Instagram in terms of content. Usually Linkedin content is geared towards business insights and professional development. Knowing Linkedin engagement rate is usually minimal, prompting a discussion around content with a meaningful comment can lead to building a relationship. 

video or voice message

Video DM’s work magic. Just ask Kayla, who generates 35% response rates on her video direct messages and schedules almost all of her enterprise meetings via this channel. Here is your video dm cheat sheet courtesy of Morgan Ingram’s 30-10-30 strategy:


  1. First 10 seconds: State reason for making the video
  2. Next 30 seconds: Value Proposition
  3. Final 10 seconds: Call to action
Engagement on Social Media

Ways to engage on social media via Facebook: 


Good ‘ole Facebook. Despite its lack of sexiness as a platform in 2021, there are still 2 billion people using the platform. This is a great place to engage with prospects. Furthermore a Facebook profile tells more about someone’s personal interests than all other social platforms. Details such as relationship status, interests and sports team loyalty can come in handy when crafting personalized engagement. 


React to post 

Compared to simply liking a post, react to one! This strategy separates your interaction into a smaller bucket than simply liking. If you really want to stand out, try reacting to an older post, as this will function as a pattern interrupt and possibly grab someone’s attention as well as stand out in your prospects notifications.


Say Happy Birthday

Although this only comes around once a year, saying Happy Birthday to a prospect on their wall goes a long way. This move will almost certainly prompt a response from your prospect and get your foot in the door in terms of building a stronger relationship. 


Messenger Message

Messenger is continuing to become more robust. Facebook is continuing its work integrating Instagram DMs, WhatsApp DMs and Messenger into one inbox. Messenger is a great platform for messaging, just make sure that your message is about the other person and prompts some form of engagement back!

twitter message stats

Ways to engage on Twitter: 

Last but not least, Twitter. Twitter has somewhat of a cult following. Although it sits near the bottom in terms of monthly active users, Twitter users are engaged and sensitive to notifications. 



A simple favorite (Twitter’s version of likes) is a great way to start to build rapport. This engagement takes seconds, but over time can build the foundation of a relationship with a person of interest. 


reply in a thread

Using this action is a great way to prompt a response with a prospect. In Twitter culture, if the prospect responds to your reply it opens the door to continuing the conversation in the dm’s and beyond. 


Twitter direct message

Proceed with caution… Twitter DMs end up in message requests often. This is why we recommend engaging with your prospect prior to sending a DM. Best case scenario your engagements and mentions will prompt your prospect to follow you. This allows for your DM’s to show up directly in their inbox. 


This piece should arm you with an understanding of ways to engage on social media that actually lead to opportunities. Coupling content posting and advertising with a strong and directed engagement strategy is ideal for social media success. If you are looking for ways to make your engagement process more organized and efficient across Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter look no further than Social Cycle. 


We exist to turn your time spent to engage on social media into intentional and directed time spent identifying and engaging with relevant leads. If you are ready to ditch your engagement spreadsheet, we are ready to work with you!

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